Essay Contest Winners

Students from five Livermore schools participated in the City Millennium Time Capsule essay project. Papers written by the ten first place and seven runners-up were placed into the Millennium Time Capsule before its burial at noon on Friday, January 14 in Civic Center Park between the main library and city hall.

The students and their teachers were recognized at the January 14 ceremony. First place winners received $100 US Savings Bonds, donated by Sandia National Labs. Runners-up received certificates of recognition from Mayor Cathie Brown. Each teacher whose student wrote a first place essay received $50 for school use from Sandia. The seventeen winning essays were reprinted on archival quality paper for preservation until 2099 in the buried capsule. Also included in the capsule is an original drawing of one student's concept of Livermore in the year 2099 drawn by Ryan Oswald of Mendenhall Middle School.

Students wrote about two topics: "Life in Livermore Today" and predicting "Life in Livermore 100 Years in the Future."

Winning essays in the "Life in Livermore Today" category:
Deborah Munro (1st) Vineyard School
Janelle Anderson (runnerup) Vineyard School
Becky Dice (1st) Livermore High  
Leslie Macedo (runnerup) Livermore High  
Emily Pfiefer (runnersup) Livermore High  
Brittany Turner (1st) Christensen Middle School
Tatum Ridolfi (1st) Mendenhall Middle School
Samantha Nannetti (runnersup) Mendenhall Middle School
Meetra Nafey (runnersup) Mendenhall Middle School
Lauren Tracy (1st) East Avenue Middle School
Winning essays in the "Life in Livermore 100 Years in the Future" category:
Jennifer Bennett (1st) Vineyard High School
Leslie Hammer (1st) Livermore High
Sylvia Cunningham (runnerup) Livermore High
Kavita Rangan (1st) Christensen Middle School
Sarah Whitney (runnerup) Christensen Middle School
Carsten Quinlan (runnerup) Christensen Middle School
Paul Kuchta (1st) Vineyard School
Kate Lari (1st) East Avenue Middle School